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Creating strong foundations

The SA SME Fund was established by members of the CEO Initiative – a collaboration between government, labour and business to address some of the most pressing challenges to the country’s economic growth – as an avenue of support for the SME sector.

We are passionate about nurturing our country’s vast entrepreneurial spirit by providing much-needed capital. Where there are existing structures that are already efficient, we will support these, instead of duplicating efforts.

What we do

What we do

We allocate investment capital to accredited fund managers – venture capital or growth oriented equity funds – that invest directly in scalable small and medium enterprises with the best potential for growth and sustainable employment creation in the South African economy.

Through our structure as a fund of funds, we can reach a greater network of businesses than we would have been able to through direct investment in SMEs. This will enable the Fund to ultimately have a more significant impact on employment and value creation.


Overview of the fund

The SA SME Fund invests in funds that support and
develop entrepreneurs.

We are mandated – through our partner funds – to invest 50% of our capital into black-African owned and managed businesses, with a further 25% being dedicated to Indian and Coloured owned and managed businesses, with the remaining 25% being at the discretion of the fund manager.

The businesses that our funds invest in typically have an enterprise value of <R100m.

Overview of the fund
Our mandate

We invest in 2 types of funds

– 01

Venture Capital Funds (Seed, 
Pre Revenue and Post Revenue)

– 02

Growth Funds (Revenue Generative and Profitable)