Proprietary ecosystem

We will leverage the enormous power of our shareholders and fund managers to help grow these businesses: to provide them with ‘social capital’ – access to decision makers that they may not have had previously.

Minimum criteria*


3 year revenue CAGR

5 years

At least 5 years in operation


Strong leadership team with defined roles


Annual turnover

*Companies that do not yet, but will soon meet these criteria may also be considered in the selection process – at the sole discretion of the SA SME Fund

Selection process

– 01


Nominations and lists of SMEs from our shareholders
Completed entry forms from each SME

– 02


Long-list of companies that meet entry criteria

– 03

May – July

Selection process – including financial reviews, interviews, and a panel of industry experts. Managed by Endeavor ScaleUp

Scale UP Endeavor

– 04


Initial Selection Panel

– 05


Final CEO Selection Panel
CEO Circle Entrepreneurs 2019 announced

CEO Circle Entrepreneurs 2019

CEO Circle Entrepreneurs 2019

Inaugural 2019 cohort

The 5-10 winning companies will receive a “personalized pathway”, depending on each company’s specific needs. This could include introducing the company to appropriate capital providers; providing them with access to markets through introductions to key executives and procurement officers in our corporate shareholders; matching them to C-suite mentors in our shareholder base; and other quality scale-up support.

CEO panel

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Adrian Gore

Adrian Gore

Nazeem Martin

Nazeem Martin

Former Business Partners CEO with specific knowledge on debt investments in the small and micro enterprise space

Albertinah Kekana

Albertinah Kekana

Royal Bafokeng CEO with broad investment sector exposure (former PIC CIO)

Andre Roux

Andre Roux

Founder and current deputy chairman of Ethos Capital, one of the oldest and more established Private Equity players in South Africa